Help Us Protect Tanglewood

Got Traffic?
Got Flooding?
Got Noise Pollution?
Got Security Issues?

Every neighborhood has these problems. But Tanglewood, celebrating its 70th birthday this summer, is an oasis in a concrete jungle. We have trees, green space and are home to a thriving mosquito-eating bat population. This is just part of what makes our neighborhood unique.

There are plans for a 22-story Assisted Living and Memory Care facility at the corner of Tanglewood Blvd. and San Felipe. There is not one good thing about this for Tanglewood residents or anyone else in surrounding neighborhoods. 

Please join us as we protest this invasion of commercial real estate. There is much to be done. Stay tuned for fun and special events. Be an activist. And teach your children to care about their Neighborhood, their City and their Country.

A secluded oasis from the tensions of the city life…living that is casual, yet quietly elegant, easy, informal … architecture and landscaping that conforms with the contours of the development to provide the haunting beauty of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Tanglewood Tales…”

William Giddings Farrington – Founder of Tanglewood

William Giddings Farrington developed Tanglewood to be exactly that…a secluded oasis…this site and group behind it is working to do just that. Keep Tanglewood beautiful and secluded from the tensions of city life. Help us protect Tanglewood and all the beauty it holds.

Mission of the site: A group of concerned residents have come together to make sure that all of Tanglewood and surrounding neighborhoods are made aware that extensive commercial real estate development is planned for San Felipe, including but not limited to, the Tanglewood Corporation site at Tanglewood Blvd. and San Felipe.