Friday, March 15

Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

I write you today to bring a very serious matter to your attention regarding Tanglewood and the surrounding neighborhoods. 

On February 19, Tanglewood Homes Association sent an email out to residents about a proposed 17-story, 67 unit condominium that will sit at 5656 San Felipe, developed by Pelican Builders. This is the northeast corner of Chimney Rock and San Felipe. This proposed condominium will be built right behind the 5600 block of Cedar Creek Drive. The address currently houses 11 condos that have all been quietly bought over the past two years. 

After reading the email and realizing where 5656 San Felipe is located a group of concerned residents began to discuss this issue. While the Home Association says they cannot do anything, we can. A building like this does not belong in Tanglewood residents’ backyards. The amount of damage it will do to grass, trees, natural light cannot be understood until it is too late. It will change wind patterns, light and shadow patterns – much worse than the Marathon Oil Tower. 

The sheer size and scope of the proposed building is very alarming. Not only will it be a nuisance to the neighborhood, but the volume of traffic that an already busy corner houses now will double, maybe triple. 
The shopping center that is currently under construction is already causing major back up and it is just in the construction phrase. Once businesses have established themselves in the shopping center, the traffic will be unbearable. Adding a 17-story building to the corner will cause even more back-up on Chimney Rock and San Felipe. 

Most Tanglewood residents use these two streets on a daily basis, and as we see already when those two streets backup – motorists use Tanglewood streets to bypass – cutting up the Blvd, Sage, Sherbrooke, Yorktown and then finding the quickest exit on the street “Waze” tells them to go down.  Even if you live off Shady River further down Chimney Rock, you will find an increase of more neighborhood cutters than you already have beginning around 4 pm everyday. Children, pets and even yourself enjoying a walk, will be in fear of a motorists running you over. Very scary thought. 

That being said a group of concerned neighbors are holding a meeting this coming Wednesday (March 20) at 7pm at the home of Lynn Lasher – 5551 Cedar Creek Dr. If you are interested in learning more about the damages this Tower of Terror will have on Tanglewood and a way to stop a development like this encroaching on our lovely neighborhood, please come to our meeting. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. If you care about this issue, please forward this email along and let’s STOP this development before they break ground!

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