5G “Small Cell” Tower Goes Up on Sherbrooke Rd.

Read about just some the dangers of 5G radiation here:


5G And The IOT: Scientific Overview Of Human Health Risks

Email Update from THA

Lawsuit; THA vs WMJK, Ltd.

May 14, 2019

Dear Tanglewood Property Owner,

Please be advised that Tanglewood Homes Association, Inc. has filed a lawsuit against the owner of the property at 1661 Tanglewood Boulevard (the site of Tanglewood Corporation’s office for decades) to enforce the restrictive covenants for Tanglewood. A copy of the petition filed by Tanglewood Homes Association, Inc. has been posted on its website at tanglewoodhomes.org.

Board of Directors
Tanglewood Homes Association, Inc.

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Email from Tanglewood Homes Association

April 18

Tanglewood Member Communication: 

Residential Towers Announced Along the Southern Perimeter of Tanglewood

Tanglewood Homes Association (THA) has obtained and confirmed information through various sources regarding two proposed residential towers along the southern perimeter of Tanglewood.  The sole purpose of this communication is to share information and promote awareness of these proposed developments to Tanglewood members. 

Listed below is the most up to date information that THA has obtained for The Hawthorne at the northeast corner of Chimney Rock and San Felipe (5656 San Felipe), and The Watermark Tanglewood at the northeast corner of Tanglewood Boulevard and San Felipe (1661 Tanglewood Blvd).

The Hawthorne (5656 San Felipe)

THA communicated preliminary information about this development by email to Tanglewood members in February 2019.  This project is on unrestricted reserves (neighborhood deed restrictions do not apply) of the Briarcroft neighborhood and is owned by local developer Pelican Builders. The proposed tower is 17 stories with approximately 67 for-sale condominium units. The existing 11 townhome units have been demolished and Pelican will soon be adding an on-site sales office. The principal owners of Pelican met with a few THA Board members to discuss the project and its impact on the neighborhood on March 18, 2019. As a result of this meeting, the developer provided detailed elevation drawings of all sides of the building and other impact studies such as parking/traffic and shadow effects. Additionally, the THA Board directed select Board members to facilitate a meeting between Pelican Builders and a few Tanglewood residents to address questions and concerns, which took place on April 3, 2019. The principals of Pelican Builders also agreed to meet with any other concerned Tanglewood residents and answer any questions.

The Watermark Tanglewood (1661 Tanglewood Blvd.)

Watermark Retirement Communities recently mailed a selective announcement to property owners in the area of a proposed 20 story, 62-year and older luxury community along with a marketing survey and invitation to a focus group study. The proposed site is owned by WMJK Ltd. The THA Board is still trying to gather information and understand if any alternative options might be available, such as potentially raising capital for private purchase of the property and converting it to a green space. It appears Watermark is currently in the due diligence and marketing phase for this development. Further communication will be forwarded as facts are obtained. Anyone interested in attending the Planning Seminar/Focus Group on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 may call the market survey company ProMatura at 800-201-1483.

THA will provide additional communications regarding these and other future developments along the perimeter of Tanglewood as information is obtained and confirmed.  If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact THA Manager Steven Boyd at 713-781-1642 or at stevenboyd@tanglewoodhomes.org

The sole purpose of this communication is to share information and promote awareness of these proposed developments to Tanglewood members.  As a reminder to all Tanglewood members, the primary roles, responsibilities, and powers of the THA Board of Directors are to prepare and adopt annual budgets, levy and collect annual assessments, manage the operation, care and upkeep of common areas, and make, amend, and enforce THA deed restrictions within Tanglewood.   As such, THA operates within a finite annual budget which is solely and exclusively prepared to manage Tanglewood affairs and is not chartered to engage in any affairs outside of its jurisdiction.